Today, Dedigeeks is proud to introduce a new feature to our account center called 'SMS Center'.

This new introduction can be found under your name heading on the account centre called 'SMS Center', this new feature will allow all Dedigeeks customers to activate and keep tabs on the features they care so much about in SMS format.

For example, if you're a person that never wants to miss out on a bill then you can enable the option for invoice generation, first, second, and third invoice payment notifications and even account suspension and unsuspension notifications all via SMS notification.

If you're the person who can't say no to updates on their domain name registrations, renewals, transfers, or even requests for EPP codes then these options are also available to you.

Further to enhance our security, new orders that are placed with Dedigeeks moving forward will now require authentication via SMS, existing customers may be introduced with a confirmation request on their next login to validate that their mobile numbers are valid. Please, go ahead and confirm your account via the SMS code if prompted - this will be a once off validation.

Finally, if you want to keep tabs on replies to your support tickets then there are options here avilable for you also, if one of our friendly staff also opens a ticket on your behalf you will also have the option to enable this notification as well.

This is one more way that Dedigeeks is making life that little more easier for those customers who don't have the availabilities to make calls or review thier accounts on the go.

We hope you will enjoy the new enhancements as much as we do.

Questions or concerns can be raised our support team, or feel free to email to share your thoughts on the new rollout.

The Dedigeeks Team

Saturday, July 14, 2018

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