We've just launched in Australia!

We're proud to be bringing you a new industry first web-hosting service with leaders in the field of innovation, customer service experiences, and value for money products.

We've done our research Australia and we're honoured to bring you the service that can deliver and outperform on your expectations. We understand you may of been bitten in the past by slow performance, unexpected service downtime, and not so good customer service but that changes here at Dedigeeks as each and every customer that comes through our doors are treated fairly and with respect and that's the Australian way.

We're prepared to show you what we are made of so don't be afraid to give us the fighting chance, we're here to get you up and running as quick as possible and guess what, we'll migrate your services from you existing service providers free of charge regardless of the control panel you use - we'll do all the grummy hard work so you don't have to, can't say I've seen a better deal elsewhere?

If you have any questions send them to us we're happy to listen and give you the fair go that you deserve.

Thank you,

Dedigeeks Hosting!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

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